It’s haunted

Early on in the 20th century a house was built on the old Galgebakken (Gallows slope) at Tingvatn, but the district GP and his family, whose house it was, could never find calm in their new home.

The dark inside a house and windows.

One day the doctor and his wife were away at a get- together further up the valley, and a neighbouring lady was to look after their children. In the middle of the night she woke hearing the sound of footsteps outside the windows. She got dressed and made ready to go home because she thought it was doctor and wife returning from their party. Once she got outside there was no one to be seen.

The neighbour made her way around the house to see if she could locate the source of the sounds, but found nothing. She stood still for a long time, listening, but to no avail. At last, she went back in and still had to wait for another couple of hours before the doctor and his wife finally returned.

An old bed.

Some years later a young, new district GP came to the village. He was a bachelor, but brought a maid to live with him. Night after night the maid woke to a great din coming from the living room. It sounded as if the furniture was being thrown against the walls with great force, but whenever she would go down to investigate, everything looked just like normal. There was never anyone to be seen. One night with the usual racket coming from the living room, she got dressed and went down. She opened the door and everything went quiet, but this time she said out loud: “It doesn’t matter who you are and it makes no difference whether there is one of you or many. You have to stop making all this noise because I cannot deal with it anymore. I don’t understand why you are bothering me night after night. I have not done anything to you. Get out of the house!” She then sat down in a chair and said the Lord’s Prayer. The house went quiet after that.