Tradition says that when a judgment was to be delivered in matters of the thing the judges took a seat on each stone in the ring, also called Nisteinsringen, at the far south of the field.

In medieval times the council moved to Tinghaugene (the Thing Mounds) at the farm Tingvatn.

The path down to "Tinghaugen".

Here you can find a large stone, called Talersteinen (the Speakers Stone). On one side two steps are carved into the stone. Perhaps the chief stood on this stone when laws or judgments were declared.

The Judge’s Stone

On top of Tinghaugen there is a stone shaped like a chair - called Dommersteinen (the Judge’s Stone). Originally there were twelve stones in a semicircle standing around the Dommersteinen.

Sketch of Tinghaugen from the 2nd World War. Sketch of Tinghaugen from the 2nd World War.

The Judge’s Stone The Judge´s Stone.

On the plain Skeiægre between Tinghaugen and Lygne there have supposedly been held horsebattles in connection with the proceedings at the thing.