Skjelva’s leap

The stone henge in the north end of the area consists of 7 raised stones, and has a diameter of 15 meters. The henge is known under several names: Sjusteinsringen (the seven stone ring),Skjelvaspranget (Skjelva’s leap)and Holmgangsringen (The ring of duels).

Illustration of Skjelva

The story of Skjelva, a young girl sentenced death, is connected to the ring of stones. It is said that she would escape her sentence if she could jump from stone to stone all the way around the ring. The story says that she managed all the leaps up until the last one. Here she fell against the seventh stone and died. The distance between each stone is six meters.

Illustration of the stone hedges.

Within the circle there is a low burial mound, and in the 1890s there was also found remains of a cremation burial.