The Rundemanen Transmitter

Rundemanen Transmitter

To get up to “Rundemanen” is a bracing experience of nature. But up here you can find more than mountains and great views. Are you curious about what the white building is hiding behind its covered windows?

What you are seeing has been the station-house for Bergen Radio, a coastal station that was opened on the 1st of September, 1912. Coastal radio was important for Norwegian shipping for many decades, and here they employed radio telegraph operators, technicians, a manager, a janitor, and a cook.

Originally, there were several buildings in the area. For technical installations and homes.

The spacious staff building contained the manager’s apartment, the mess, and bedsits for lower-level employees. There was a bathtub in the basement and electricity in all the residential rooms; drinking water was pumped up from the pond. The house was demolished in 1982.

The station-house was in a state of decay for many years while it was owned by the military. In 1997, the Telecom Museum assumed responsibility for the property and carried out a complete restoration, using funds from Telenor. The building was put on the protected list in 2007.