LaternaGuide is a free wireless guide! You are connected to a local network, not to the Internet.

You can also listen to LaternaGuide at seven other lighthouses in Vest-Agder, but Ryvingen is the only one of these in english:

Hatholmen lighthouse
Ryvingen lighthouse
Songvår lighthouse
Oksøy lighthouse
Grønningen lighthouse
Odderøya lighthouse
Lista lighthouse

Production LaternaGuide Lindesnes fyr:
Lindesnes Lighthouse museum
Laterna Vox AS,

Speaker Marjorie Laurie: Cheryl Macdonald

Design: John Sandström och Lara Coppes

Programming: Jørn Gabrielsen

Photo: Rolf Dybvik, Simen Lunøe Pihl, Anette Rattfelt

Techniqhue: Niklas Gunhamn, Tim Sjöstrand, Radiobolaget

Thanks to: Innovasjon Norge